Pediatric Dentistry

   is an age defined specialty that provides both primary and comprehensive preventive and theraputic oral health care for children through adolescence. Today, pediatric dentistry is prevention oriented. Dental decay is still a serious public health problem for U.S. children and is one of the most common deseases of childhood. Dental sealants are one of the most important preventive procedures readily available for children.

   Regular Screening

allow dentist to identify area of tooth decay especially on newly erapted permanent teeth.

   Preventive Resin Restoration

preserve tooth structure since they do not require extensive removal of tooth structure. With preventive resin restoration, only caries are removed, followed by placement of a composite resin, and sealing the remaining caries - susceptible pits and fissures on the tooth, Preventive resin restorations are used widely in pediatric dentistry today.

   Mouth Quards

are recomended to all children who participate in sports activities that pose risk of injury to the mouth. Oral injury also can occure with non-contract sports, such as bicycle riding, rollerblading, baseball and volleyball. 



Brushing and Flossing is a Very Important 

part of a regular  oral hygiene

Regular CheckUps and Oral Health Maintanance 

prevent the development of serious dental problems